Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fire In The Hole!

Although this post isn't about hunting or fishing or even preparation for either, it does qualify as an adventure. With that said I decided what we were missing in our backyard was a fire pit and in my typical fashion it's taken me about two years to decide where, what and how. Saturday June 16 was D-Day! As you can see from the pictures below we still have a ways to go but much progress was made. Kelan and Dylan were a big help digging and moving cobble stones. The wall I'll build on either side of the pit will be from cobble stones I had in another part of the yard. Moving those stones was back breaking work.

Bella helping me decide where to put the pit. Pit bull, fire pit. Get it?
Yeah well anyway you have to find your humor where you can.

I'm linking the bed at the end with a new one and lining it with cobble stones
but first we have to dig it out and make it level.

After the digging and the picture taken from the opposite direction.

Fire pit hole and gravel base. 

Assembling fire pit. First run of stones and then steel insert.

Finished fire pit assembly and beginning of stone wall.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Small Water Fly Fishing

It was a nice evening for a little fly fishing on a nearby creek. Dylan and I decided to grab the rods about 5:00 and try our luck for a couple of hours. I'm glad we did. Lots of small rock bass, bream and largemouth to be had on small white or yellow poppers (Sneaky Pete).

The red shirt in the middle of the photo is Dylan trying to find a place to cross.

Nice little Rock Bass or around here some people call them  a Goggle Eye.

The water is pretty low but served to bunch up the fish in these little pools.

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You have to admire the can-do attitude of this little guy. 

Bottom one looked an awful lot like a small mouth bass. Maybe some kind of hybrid.

Sweet Little Sixteen

It's June which means not too much longer before bird season starts. September kicks it all off with the opening of dove season. So what better way to spend my time (other than fishing) than looking at shotguns I'd like to own. I've been eye-balling a number of sixteen gauge beauties the last year or so and would love to have one by the time quail and pheasant season opens the end of October. My current favorite is an Arrieta Special No. 2 in 16 gauge. Arrieta is a Spanish maufacturer that's been making fine shotguns for over a hundred years. The gun I'm looking has a straight hand/ splinter stock with a 15 1/8" lop and 1 7/8" dah. 28 inch barrels and weighs in at 6lbs 6oz.