Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Was Time For A Jailbreak!

Work has been really, really busy this first month of 2012 and has required working every weekend thus far. That made a perfect time for a jailbreak and a little preserve quail hunt this past Saturday. A group of us that hunt and a couple folks that were just in it for the adventure headed out to The Wil-Nor hunt club for a morning hunt. The pictures below were all taken by Joe O. Thanks Joe, great job!

The crew about to head out.

Mark striking a pose while Mark our guide directs his dog.

So that's what I look like. I probably missed but I look like I know what I'm doing!

Lynne hoping the quail doesn't fly straight at her. Duck Lynne!

Bill directing Mattie to stay.

Back to the lodge for lunch!

Mattie the star of the show. Great looking 16 month old English Pointer!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Late Season Adventure

My brother Craig came to visit this past weekend to do a little bird hunting and visit. He drove from South Carolina to St. Louis which is an eleven hour+ drive so I wanted to make sure we got to shoot a little. We spent two of our four hunting days out at Wil-Nor Preserve shooting quail, another day at my friend Mark's farm goose hunting and one day trying to scare up some wild quail out in Calloway County. We had really good weather if not just a bit on the warm side but better that than rain or worse. 

Calloway County - Reform Conservation Area

Doc Pete's day one. Craig pausing to wonder how you can knock so many feathers off a quail and it keeps on flying.

Mark and Craig in the goose blind. We had a flock of twenty land on the pond right out front of the blind before we  had gotten our decoys out and were set up.  Apparently we should have been there a little earlier!

Craig starting up the other side of a ravine after we had flushed some quail.  We walked a little over six miles that day.

Briars and thorns. Good thing Craig got some new briar pants for Christmas!
You can see that Bama is smart enough to let Craig lead through that mess.

Craig and Bama taking a break at Calloway. Like I said earlier, lots of walking that day.

One of the quail we flushed at Calloway. Last wild quail of the season for me this year.

Dylan and Craig at Doc Pete's on the second day out there.

Pretty good day shooting at Pete's and a happy but tired Bama.

The end