Thursday, August 23, 2012

This could be the year of the 16 gauge.

Why a 16 gauge? Let me expound.

A man who identifies himself as a 16 gauge shooter is instantly elevated in "coolness" in any firearms circle. It immediately signifies one as being of good taste and judgement. If the shooter's firearm happens to be a fine English or high grade American double bearing an exceptional piece of Turkish walnut and wearing the evidence of much use but great care, he will be spoken of in reverential tones. The only shooters who could hope to rival him are those who shoot fine doubles in short 10, 28 and 2 1/2" 12 bore.

You will be found to be more interesting anywhere hunters and shooters gather. New shooters will instantly recognize you as the final word in all things shotgun. Women respond to men of good taste and refinement and will find you more attractive. Dogs are astute judges of character and will hunt better for you. In fact your best friend's dog may hunt better for you than him with his synthetic stocked jamamatic. Being a 16 gauge shooter, you are also gracious enough to hunt with him despite his lack of taste and character. You will essentially be the shooting fraternity's version of the world's most interesting man.

All kidding aside I bought one. I'm excited. Pictures below.