Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kelan, Bama and Gentleman Bob.

This coming Tuesday brings in the new quail season so Kelan, Bama and I decided to go out to the Wil-Nor Hunting Preserve today to sharpen our skills. Bama did a great job and was definitely on his game and Kelan and I both shot well. We ended up with 10 birds. They flew really, really, well today about as close to wild birds as you can get. Depending on how busy it gets this week at work I may try and take a day off and try and scare up some birds.

The quail were big and healthy. That made for some great shooting.

The temp was in the high forties in the morning but warmed into the low fifties by 11:00. Bama decided he needed to cool down a little so he took a dip in one of the ponds on the farm.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

And That's a Winner!

Wow what a great World Series! Every game was exciting, of course it didn't hurt that the Cardinals were in it. I was in Kansas City for game 6 on business so our group went to a 54th Street restaurant to watch the game. That was a ton of fun because all those bitter KC Royals fans that resent the Cardinals success were cheering for the Rangers. We drank a lot of beer and cheered loud enough to represent Cardinal Nation in hostile territory! We kind of looked like the picture below (minus the goggles) after we won. So that makes number 11 for the birds so I guess they're going to have to add a new flagpole in centerfield next year to make room for a new banner. By the way....Rams I hope you were paying close attention.

Dad's Weekend

Last Saturday was Dad's Weekend at Mizzou so I spent the day with Dylan at his fraternity and the Mizzou vs Oklahoma State football game. We had a great time. I really enjoy going over to Columbia and spending time on the campus. Beautiful fall day and perfect for some college football. Work has been really busy the past few weeks so it was nice to take a break and hang out with Dylan. We had great seats and saw plenty of action but unfortunately most of that action was OSU marching up and down the field on the Tigers. The OSU cowboys lived up to their name, storming up and down the field like a bunch of crazed cowboys riding into town after a long cattle drive. Hide the women and children and your football team!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Lull in Adventure Land.

Ok so we're a little between hunting seasons right now. The doves have pretty much moved on south and quail and pheasant season is a little more than three weeks away followed by waterfowl a couple weeks later. So it's back to scouting the afore mentioned birds and training with Bama.

Saturday Bama and I drove out to an area I've duck hunted in the past to see if we could scare up any Geese or ducks. The area is called Pacific Pallisades and is about 900 hundred acres bordered on two sides by the Meramec River. An old sand dredging operation used to be in that area and there are a number of old ponds that are surrounded by woods which attract the waterfowl when the conditions are right. We got there about sunrise and walked in. Almost immediately I saw a few ducks flying up the river skirting the treeline. Followed later by a flock of about 30 geese. Good sign. Now they just need to stick around for a few weeks.