Monday, September 2, 2013

New Season. Dove Opener 2013

Labor Day weekend brings the beginning of hunting season and specifically bird season. I had a good opener and second day as well. Hunted Sunday afternoon and got a limit of 15 birds and then again Monday morning and got another 15. Used my 16 gauge sxs both days.

Mark Illig making like a corn stalk. This picture was from this morning. We were in shade the whole morning which was nice. We hunted this spot the previous afternoon with the sun in our face.

Mark making a nice high shot on a passing dove.

Sun flowers on the right and cut corn brought the birds in. Mojo and clip on decoys helped.
That's Mark standing near the uncut corn. Bama had his work cut out for him trying to retrieve downed birds in that thick stuff. I waded in there a couple of times and it was like walking through the black forest. In addition it was very, very, dry which made it really hard to pick up scent.

Bama thinking... wow it's humid. I'll just take a moment to collect myself. Bama worked pretty hard this morning retrieving for both Mark and I. We also helped another hunter retrieve a couple of his birds out of the thick corn.

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