Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where Did They Go?

As action packed as Friday afternoon was, Saturday afternoon was on the other end of the scale. My friend Mark and I got out to the field about 4:00 and set up across from the sunflowers and underneath the power lines. The loose gravel drive that cuts across the fields and up to the barn was between us and the sunflowers. A really good spot most days. The birds were pretty scarce pretty much the whole afternoon, just not a lot of action. I ended up with six and Mark I think got eight. We're expecting rain Sunday off and on all day. We need the rain more then I need to hunt tomorrow so I'm hoping the rain shows up like forecasted.

Mark retrieving a bird.

Our view of the field. Our backs were against standing corn which created some shade for us.

A slew that borders one side of the property. It runs out to the Mississippi about a mile and a half from here.

Sunset over the slew looking back towards the fields we'd just hunted. 

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